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Story Advice

Read a letter from your friend, Barilla

Dear Eliza,

Your boardinghouse does sound dreadful. I know you worry that you will displease your mother, but I think you should seek another boardinghouse. When I first came to Lowell, I lived in one of the boardinghouses owned by the corporation that hired me. It was as bad as yours and what was even worse-the boardinghouse keeper was my overseer's sister, not some distant relative of my mother's! And she was cross, lazy and nasty. I moved - twice, in fact, until I found a small, privately owned boardinghouse for only four girls in a large, pleasant room. Our keeper was a person like your mother - able to do huge amounts of work every day while still having time to read her Bible after lunch. She was a very good nurse to us when we had colds or fevers, too. Your work is burden enough. Take care of yourself. By all means, MOVE!

Your friend, Barilla

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