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Story Advice

Read a letter from your mother.

My Dear Daughter,

I understand from your cousin Elizabeth that you are considering leaving Mrs. Pierce's boardinghouse and seeking another place. You will do what you think best, of course, but I hope you will stay. I know that she is not the best of cooks, but she is a good woman who helped nurse my grandmother in her last illness. You said yourself that she was kind and motherly to you on your arrival. You know her husband had a weakness when it came to liquor; his unfortunate accident and early death left her without the means to support herself and her children. I was sad to see her move to Lowell, even though I knew there was nothing for her here. I would have preferred for her and her children to live with us, but as you know, we already have too many mouths to feed. Perhaps if you help her a little with the housekeeping, you will set a good example for her children and she will have time to cook better meals. We say prayers for your health.

Your loving mother

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