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Lowell National Historical Park

Tsongas Industrial History Center

University of Massachusetts Lowell - Center for Lowell History

Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities

Lowell Historical Society

Here are some links to related websites

Liberty Rhetoric Among Lowell Mill Girls - American Studies Program: The College of Staten Island - Catherine J. Lavender

Lyddie by Katherine Patterson - On-line curriculum to accompany the novel Lyddie, developed for the Schools of California Online Resources for Educators Project.

Mill Girls - Created by students of a fifth-grade humanities class after reading Lyddie and visiting the Tsongas Industrial History Center at Lowell National Historical Park.

United States Labor History - Labor history curriculum, sponsored by the Illinois Labor History Society.

Whole Cloth - Discovering Science and Technology Through American History, an electronic interdisciplinary curriculum written by university and museum based historians, working in close collaboration with classroom teachers. "Whole Cloth" emphasizes the role of African Americans and women in the history of the textile industry, and the nation. There are eight units, each of which contains hands-on activities, including lesson plans, teacher notes, and student handouts.

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