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Decide Eliza Paige's Future!

This is a game in which you pretend to be Eliza Paige, a farm girl who has just come to Lowell, a brand new industrial city on the Merrimack River in Northeastern Massachusetts.

Click on "Find out more" under Eliza's picture to meet her.

On the following pages, you will make a series of choices that mill girls like Eliza would have faced. Each choice has a consequence and leads to new choices and a new future for Eliza. Your choices affect Eliza's future. Before you make a choice be sure to:

You can play the game more than once, making different choices for Eliza to see how those choices change her life.

You can do more research too. Click on "How do we know what we know" to learn about how historians gather and sift information. Or click on the "Primary Sources," "Bibliography," "Timeline," or "Links" to go even deeper.

So, catch the coach to Lowell... Make choices. See what happens.

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