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You Arrive in Lowell

You spend two days bouncing about in the coach from New Hampshire. You have a lot of time to think about how much fun it will be to live and work with other girls for a few years; you day dream about what you will do with the money you'll earn. Your plan is to work in the mills just for a few years, then get married and have a family.

When the coach comes to a stop, you are immediately caught up in the excitement of Lowell. It's the biggest and busiest town you've ever seen! You are a little overwhelmed. If your old friend Abigail Snow wasn't there to meet you, you might turn right around and head back home.

Abigail takes you to meet her boss at the Boott Mills. His name is Duncan Lowery. He is a funny little man with gray whiskers and a gruff voice. He looks you up and down and offers you a job as a weaver right then and there.

Abigail warns you that the weave room can be a noisy and dangerous place, but the pay is good and you're glad to have found a job on your first day in Lowell. Abigail gives you directions to Mrs. Pierce's boardinghouse, where she is living, and then gets back to work at her loom.

The boardinghouse isn't at all what you expected. The food is awful and it doesn't look like Mrs. Pierce has washed the floors in years. You don't like anything about it, but Mrs. Pierce is your mother's cousin and you know Ma will feel better knowing that you are being looked after by a relative.

Your next choice is:

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